No standing allowed in new BrewDog beer garden

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Guests will not be able to stand up in the beer garden of a north-east bar so neighbours can enjoy quiet.

BrewDog launched its newest bar in Market Place, Inverurie, in mid-May and was granted a provisional licence.

Aberdeenshire Council’s central licensing board met yesterday and has granted the bar a full licence – with conditions related to the beer garden.

It follows three formal objections from people concerned neighbours would suffer if the beer garden was open too late.

The board has put in place conditions which means the beer garden, which has a capacity of 34 people, will be strictly seating only, to minimise the chances of neighbours seeing them.

The beer garden will have to close by 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays and by 8pm on Sundays to Thursdays.

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In a letter to the board, neighbour Ronald Watt wrote: “We feel the proposed opening hours until 1am is unacceptable due to noise which will carry to our homes approximately 15m away.”

Addressing the committee at a meeting in Inverurie yesterday, Keith Whyte said: “The bar is surrounded on three sides by residential properties.

“I am landlord of a residential property adjacent to the bar and it is my duty of care to the tenants to query the proposed operating areas.

“There have been concerns raised by the tenants about the use of the outdoor area.

“I’m seeking assurance neighbourly disturbance will be minimised, managed effectively and be strictly adhered to under the terms of any licence granted.”

BrewDog provided the board with a noise impact assessment to demonstrate neighbours will not be disrupted.

Representing BrewDog at the meeting Audrey Junner said: “It is very important to my client they do get on with neighbours.

“The bar has been trading for about four weeks and has been very well received.

“Measures will be put in place to address the concerns of the objectors.

“There will be no live music in the outside area or music from speakers outside. It will be seating only.”

Councillor Neil Baillie requested extra fencing be installed to shield the bar from neighbours but the idea was dismissed.