Well-known Aberdeen nightclub shuts down just months after big renovation

Redemption, previously known as The Priory, has shut down.

An Aberdeen nightclub has shut down just months after undergoing a six-figure renovation.

Bosses at Redemption on the city’s Belmont Street blamed the club’s failure to obtain a 4am licence for the closure.

The Epic Group also said an increase in competition from casinos, which have later drinking licences, meant the club couldn’t continue to trade.

Redemption – previously known as The Priory – employed around 50 staff.

The firm told the Evening Express that those workers have been redeployed to its other venues.

The Epic Group applied to the licensing board in November to extend its weekend opening times by an hour.

But the move was rejected by five votes to one.

A spokesman for the firm said: “It’s not sustainable to continue trading at the moment.

“We are up against casinos who are getting 6am licences. We won’t be selling it but may look at the market to lease it out.”

He added: “An application was made for a 4am licence which we believed was essential in order to support the street.

“It was a genuine application for a building which is in a unique setting on a unique street.

“The club will be mothballed until such time we see a clearer future for it.

“The traders on Belmont Street are struggling and there is no getting away from that.”

The closure comes just four months after more than £100,000 was spent on a refurbishment.

The nightclub was previously known as The Priory.
The nightclub was previously known as The Priory.

The firm had also been granted permission to build a beer garden towards the front of the building.

The spokesman added: “A chunk of money was invested into the club.

“It’s a huge building to fill and is closed for the time being.”

In 2014, the nightclub had big plans for a new beer garden.
In 2014, the nightclub had big plans for a new beer garden.

Licensing board member Councillor Alan Donnelly was the only member to support the 4am application in November.

He said: “I was the lone voice for supporting the 4am licence and I suggested having a pilot.

“I’m sad to see any business go down in Aberdeen.

“The night time economy plays a crucial part in Aberdeen’s overall economy as far as jobs are concerned.

“I’m disappointed to see or hear of any closures.

“The Epic Group has a point about the seemingly unfair opening hours.

“The perception from the licensing board is the whole ethos of nightclubs is phasing out and people in that line of business need to look at other ways.

“It’s sad because we don’t want to be putting people out of their jobs.

“People are coming out later after drinking at home.

“Peoples incomes aren’t as much as what they were.

“You have people who have lost their jobs – the economy is struggling.”