NHS Grampian told to apologise after botched surgery on mum at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

A health board has been forced to apologise after botching an operation on a new mum.

The woman, known as Mrs A, became unwell after undergoing a caesarian section at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.

Three days later she had to have emergency surgery for a perforated bowel.

This resulted in a temporary ileostomy – an opening in her abdomen to allow her to pass waste – then further surgery to reverse this, which the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman said caused “a difficult and protracted recovery period”.

She was told complications arose because Mrs A’s bowel had been accidentally stitched to the wound from her C-section.

The ombudsman found the consent form had not been fully completed, and Mrs A was not warned of possible risks. It decided the bowel had likely been caught at the time the C-section wound was stitched up and that it was “unlikely” a second doctor had adequately checked it.

NHS Grampian has been instructed to apologise for the failings.

A spokesman for the health board said it accepted the findings and recommendations.