New research highlights staff concerns at HMP Grampian

A report has revealed concerns among prison staff about the North-east’s superjail operating “on a knife-edge”.

The detailed assessment of conditions at HMP Grampian was drawn up by Cambridge University researchers who interviewed staff and inmates.

It was published by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS), which described it as a “snapshot” of the situation in 2016.

The facility only opened in 2014 but has been beset by problems.

One staff member told them: “We’re run ragged and prisoners feel it.”

The research concluded that, despite some improvements, serious issues remained to be dealt with.

A SPS spokeswoman said: “It is to be anticipated that any new establishment, particularly one which is the test bed for a new model such as the community facing prison at Grampian, will take some time to embed a common culture among staff.

“Whilst there remains room for improvement, SPS is confident that progress has continued to be made.”