New offshore windfarm could power 55,000 homes and create 110 jobs

Construction of eight wind turbines off coast of Aberdeen have been approved.

It is estimated the £250 million Kincardine Offshore Windfarm will bring around 110 jobs to the region.

The 577ft turbines are expected to be able to harness enough power to provide for more than 55,000 homes and will be built around nine miles (15km) south east of Aberdeen.

Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse said: ““Once operational, this pioneering, 50MW Kincardine Offshore Windfarm will produce enough electricity to power almost 56,000 homes and will create jobs and investment across Scotland through the use of our supply chain

“It will also cement our place as one of the world’s leading nations in the innovation and deployment of floating offshore wind. If the technology can be demonstrated at scale, it has huge potential to help Scotland meet its energy needs and to develop a supply chain that can service opportunities elsewhere in Europe and in markets such as South East Asia and North America.”

Mr Wheelhouse added: “With 25% of Europe’s offshore wind potential, and through development with due regard to our natural environment, Scotland is uniquely and strongly positioned to maximise the economic and environmental benefits that the technology can deliver, which will help us progress towards our carbon emission reduction targets. ”

Campaigners in the North-east had called for a community fund to be set up to help benefit the areas near the development.

Speaking last year, Phil Mills-Bishop, chairman of the Stonehaven and District Community Council,  said: “The turbines are gargantuan things.

“If they have a windfarm, there should be a community fund.

“They have made no mention of those communities affected along the coastline.

“Most of the windfarms we are involved with have donated, over two to three years or more, sums to a community fund.

“I see no difference between offshore and onshore. The affected communities would be Stonehaven, Portlethen, Altens, Muchalls and Newtonhill.”