New Magic Wheel Festival heading to North-east Castle grounds

Kincardine Castle.

A new woodland music festival is heading to the North-east.

A spin-off from the Minival UK carnival, which was created at the University of Aberdeen eight years ago, the Magic Wheel Festival will take place at Kincardine Castle and Estate next month.

Known for their rooftop parties and beach raves, Minival UK – which is celebrating nine years of events – has hosted some of the most unique party experiences across the North-east of Scotland.

Organisers said now was the perfect time to branch out, transforming their popular events into a festival experience with sets from 12 acts announced to date.

Minival’s Max Van Aken said: “We have been throwing parties in Aberdeen for years but this is the first festival we have done. We felt the North-east lacked an intimate, boutique festival and, after nine years of throwing events in varying sizes in different locations around Aberdeen, this felt like the next step for us.”

It is hoped the event on May 20 will attract around 2,000 people to Kincardine Castle and Estate. Taking place in the woodlands surrounding the castle, The Magic Wheel Festival will feature an eclectic soundtrack with acts such as Move D, Crazy P Soundsystem and Horse Meat Disco.

Minival is hoping this will be the first step in building something unique in the long term, gradually increasing in size over the years.

The team even hopes to bring in a wide variety of musical acts to the city, alongside showcasing some of the top local musical acts.

Max said: “For a small city, Aberdeen has a fantastic music scene with lots of talent, and great promoters who bring internationally-recognised artists to the city and we think that’s something to be proud of.

“As a result, we’ve included a number of local promoters and DJ’s in our line-up in addition to internationally-known artists.”