New evening jogging community initiative gets Aberdeen residents on right track

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Residents of an Aberdeen community have kicked off a new evening jogging initiative in the area.

The inaugural Jog Torry was the first in a 10-week block of introductory Monday jogging evenings beginning from Torry Sports Centre on Oscar Road.

The sessions are delivered in partnership between Aberdeen City Council’s communities team and Jog Scotland, and will be supported by CFINE who will supplying runners with water and energy bars.

The initiative, which saw the first session take place on Monday, is aimed at helping participants get fit with trained jog leaders.

Jog Scotland participation project co-ordinator Laura Kirkland said: “We’re really delighted to see this new group launching in Torry.

“It’s an area where we don’t have any jogging groups at present, and there are clearly plenty of people who are keen to get active.”

Jog Torry comes after a successful two kil family run organised by Jog Scotland at Tullos Primary which saw 80 people take part.

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