New bicycle parking and seating area in North-east town completed

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A new bicycle parking and seating area has been completed.

The Parklets, installed on the plainstones at Elgin High Street, provides parking spaces for 12 bikes, and features inbuilt wooden seating surrounded by planters filled with different types of herbs, fruit and vegetables.

The Parklets were funded through the Scottish Government’s Paths for All Project, and replaces the bicycle parking area that was lost when the Dandy Lion statue was installed.

Moray Council leader George Alexander said: “It’s great to see this new feature on Elgin High Street. Lots of residents and visitors to Moray cycle in and around Elgin and The Parklets is perfectly situated for them to take a pit-stop and recharge their batteries while enjoying what Elgin has to offer.

“What’s more, this doubles the amount of parking space for bicycles that was provided there before.

“We’re taking every opportunity we can to make it easier for everyone to embrace cycling and The Parklets only adds to this.”