New £7 million medical centre to open after 20-year campaign

Peter Chapman MSP at the new Crimond medical centre

A new medical practice is to open next month after a 20-year fight for better facilities.

The Crimond Medical and Community Hub opened its doors for the first time in April, and from next month health services will be provided there.

The current medical centre in the village had operated out of a small cabin for years before the late Charles Ritchie started a campaign to create the new £7 million property.

The practice continued to run out of its smaller accommodation until the building could be made ready.

Practice manager Caroline Ironside has now alerted patients that the move will happen in November.

Conservative MSP Peter Chapman had opened the new building at the request of Mr Ritchie.

He said: “This is great news for the local community and I am sure that staff will be delighted to move in.

“I was honoured to be given the opportunity to unveil the plaque at the soft opening of the facility in April and I am particularly pleased that the late Charles Ritchie was able to see his hard work pay off.”