All pupils will have to wear uniform at new £47 million Aberdeen academy

Lochside School
Lochside School

The results of a consultation for a new £47 million school have been released following 600 responses from the community.

Lochside Academy, set to replace the south of the city schools, received almost 600 responses from the school community on the uniform policy for the school year 2018-2019.

Discussions with pupils and staff showed that the school uniform must be enforceable and must be affordable for the S1 to S6 classes.

All pupils are expected to have a school bag with them at all times and skirts should be a reasonable length as “excessively short skirts are unsuitable for a school setting”.

Students may choose to wear any footwear and a school tie is optional for years S1 to S3.

The uniform will consist of a black skirt or trousers, no denim or leggings, and a white polo shirt with or without the school badge.