Nests cleared to deter gulls in North-east town

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Nest clearining is under way in a busy North-east port in a bid to combat nuisance gulls in the area.

The seabirds are a persistent problem in Peterhead and every year Aberdeenshire Council receives complaints about people and pets being attacked, as well as the mess caused by droppings.

Last year the local authority launched a survivor’s guide to living with urban gulls in what was described as the beginning of a five-year initiative to run them out of town.

The aim is to persuade the birds their natural environment is not in the heart of Europe’s largest whitefish port.

And now the council is running a subsidised pilot programme to clear nests from roofs in Marischal Street, Thistle Street, Back Street and crucially, Drummers Corner.

In total, 19 property owners have taken part allowing the removal of 32 nests from 40 town centre buildings. An average of three eggs are laid in each nest so this scheme may have prevented around 100 new gulls from hatching. Only eggs are taken and no chicks or adult gulls are harmed.