Mystery surrounds Aberdeenshire microlight crash

The cause of a crash which saw a microlight aircraft plunge into a field is still unknown.

The crash happened at Insch Airfield last August and left the 59-year-old pilot with serious injuries.

The pilot was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and has since made a full recovery.

But the Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MYMX – whose engine failed – sustained “significant airframe damage”.

The aircraft left the Grampian Microlight and Flying Club’s private airstrip at 11.10am on August 15, heading to Boyndie Airfield at Banff.

Within seconds it had crashed into a nearby field of oilseed rape.

The AAIB bulletin states: “Shortly after take-off, at approximately 250ft, the pilot experienced a total loss of engine power. The terrain ahead of the aircraft was unsuitable for a landing so the pilot initiated a left turn to land in an adjacent field.

“During the turn, the wing stalled and the aircraft began to sideslip.

“The pilot was unable to correct this before the aircraft struck the ground.

“The cause of the engine power loss has not been identified.”