Mum’s fury after Aberdeen pupil remains at school after alleged attack on son

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A mum has spoken of her anger after a schoolboy was charged with attacking her son but hasn’t been expelled.

She says her 12-year-old son has been left “terrified” at the prospect of meeting the other youngster and she branded the school’s response to the incident “disgusting”.

Police Scotland confirmed a boy, also aged 12, has been charged in connection with the alleged incident, said to have happened outside the Aberdeen secondary school, which can’t be named for legal reasons.

Speaking to the Evening Express, the alleged victim’s mother said: “A boy attacked my son and tried to stab him with a pencil just outside of the school on Monday.

“There was a meeting at the school to decide what steps to take.

“The only people in attendance were the head teacher, the depute head, the other boy and his parents. I can’t believe the school board wasn’t in attendance.

“All that has happened is this boy has been excluded for one day. My son is expected to go back to school and face him after what happened.

“He is absolutely terrified.”

She added: “We specifically chose this school because it was tough on bullying, so this situation is even more disgusting.”

The mum also claimed the alleged incident happened after an earlier attack the week before, where the same child was caught on CCTV punching her son.

She said: “He received a one-day exclusion after the first attack.

“The school told me on no uncertain terms that if anything like this happened again that there would be a far more severe punishment.

“Instead, all he has received is one more day’s exclusion.

“My son has asked me why the school isn’t doing anything to help him and I just don’t know what to tell him.

“It seems like the school is protecting the attacker instead of my son.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “A 12-year-old boy has been charged and will be reported to the Youth Justice Management Unit in relation to an assault on Monday, on another 12-year-old boy.”

Aberdeen City Council would not comment on any of the mum’s claims due to it being a police incident.