Aberdeen mum up for fitness award after bulimia recovery

fitness: Lee Donald hopes she can be a beacon of hope for bulimia sufferers.

A woman who suffered from bulimia for 15 years has reached the final stages of a competition recognising her personal training business.

Lee Donald, 35, is in the last round of the Scottish Business Awards in the health and fitness category for her business Lee Donald Personal Training.

Working from her personal fitness cabin, based in Mastrick, Lee offers personal training sessions along with nutrition plans and an online forum.

She said: “You don’t need a gym and you don’t need fancy equipment.

“My aim is to help people realise anything is possible.”

The mum-of-one has managed to turn her life around from the days when she was in the grips of a serious eating disorder.

She said: “I was seriously underweight, overweight, alcohol dependant and I had lost teeth from the illness.

“In February 2011, I qualified as a personal trainer which, literally, saved my life.”

Despite having been active for the majority of her life, it was not until Lee learned about nutrition and how the body works, that things began to change.

She said: “I was sick of being sick, and sick of it ruling my world.

“I’ll always have an eating disorder and sometimes the memories come back, but I’m a different person now.”

As the end of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW) approaches, Lee hopes she can help others who might still be struggling.

She said: “I have a survival instinct in me.

“I want to help other people by showing that no matter how bad things are, you can get better. I believe that talking is the first step in recovery.”

Lee will attend the Scottish Business Awards black-tie ceremony on Friday, March 31. Votes can be cast online and will be accepted up until the ceremony.

The personal trainer has already amassed several awards, including “Best Fitness Entrepreneur” from AI Business Excellence in 2017.