More than 100 vehicles stopped on A96 in crackdown on irresponsible driving

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More than 100 drivers have been stopped by police during an operation on the A96.

Fifteen motorists were charged  in connection with speeding on the stretch of road between Aberdeen and Inverness.

Three other motorists were charged with having no insurance, one with driving while using a mobile phone, one for failing to wear a seat belt and one for careless driving.

Two other motorists were charged for not having a MOT certificate.

In total three uninsured vehicles were seized and three unroadworthy vehicles were banned from the road until they are repaired and reinspected.

A further 37 motorists were warned for offences including speeding, careless driving, vehicle defects and minor road traffic offences.

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Road Policing Sergeant Colin Matheson said: “Police Scotland is committed to road safety and collision reduction and we carry out regular patrols on roads throughout the country.

“The A96 is a very busy route through the area and we receive calls regularly from people concerned about the behaviour of drivers, some of whom put other people and themselves in danger.

“This operation was carried out in response to these safety concerns and was aimed at positively influencing driver behaviour and checking the road-worthiness of vehicles.

“Three vehicles were found to be in a condition where a prohibition notice was issued – these vehicles cannot be used on the road until the defects are repaired, the vehicle re-inspected and the prohibition removed.

“There are also still too many people taking the risk and driving without insurance.

“When a driver is detected for having no insurance they will be charged and either reported to the Procurator Fiscal or receive a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty.

“The minimum fine for insurance offences is £300 and six penalty points and offenders risk having their vehicles seized.

“Long-term I hope operations like this send out a lasting warning that dangerous or inappropriate driving behaviour will not be tolerated on our roads.

“Officers will continue to provide a visible presence on routes like the A96, providing assistance to motorists when required and taking enforcement action when necessary.”