The Conservatives’ election flyer – that Aberdeen mum had to pay £1.50 to get!

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A woman has said she was “not amused” at being made to pay £1.50 for her mail – only to find out it was an election flyer from the Scottish Conservatives.

Isabell Yule, a retired shop assistant, was shocked to receive the leaflet on behalf of party leader Ruth Davidson after paying unpaid postage on what she thought was a parcel.

The 74-year-old, from Kincorth, said she had received a note from Royal Mail alerting her to an undelivered item.

The Conservative leaflet sent to Isabell Yule.
The Conservative leaflet sent to Isabell Yule.

She said: “It said there was an unpaid mail and that I had £1.50 to pay. I was waiting for a parcel and I thought it was from somebody who forgot to pay postage.”

And Mrs Yule says she was “not amused” when she learned she had paid for election material from the Scottish Conservatives.

She said: “Why should we pay for that when they’re looking for a vote? I wonder how many people have had to pay £1.50 to get it? They shouldn’t be asking for that.”

During the 2015 General Election around 200 homes in Aberdeen had to pay £1.57 to receive election letters from the Scottish Conservatives.

Isabell Yule had to pay for the leaflet.
Isabell Yule had to pay for the leaflet.

A spokeswoman for the party said they were unable to confirm how many people were sent the flyer using a postage stamp, what the party’s normal method for postage on items like this was or whether other people had been charged.

A spokeswoman said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused, this was a human error with the wrong postage stamp being placed on the letter. We would like to make contact with this constituent so we can reimburse her for her trouble.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Mail explained: “This item appears to have been posted direct by the Scottish Conservatives and is not a piece of registered Royal Mail candidate or election mailing.

“Normally candidate mailing is registered and comes through us for checking and it won’t have postage on it, or it maybe has one or the two at the top with the three lines which means it doesn’t have a stamp.

“So this is a mailing that I presume the Conservatives have done themselves locally and put stamps on it.”

She added: “The customer has been surcharged because of the length of the item and it should have been posted as a large letter costing 96 pence first class.

“The surcharge helps to cover the extra cost of handling items which have been underpaid.”