Kirsty Blackman ‘delighted’ to represent Aberdeen again as fellow nationalists lose seat

Kirsty Blackman held her seat - but with a reduced majority. picture by kami thomson
Kirsty Blackman held her seat - but with a reduced majority. picture by kami thomson

The SNP has held its seat in Aberdeen North – but with its majority over Labour reduced by more than 9,000.

With a turnout of 59.2% Kirsty Blackman was re-elected as MP for the constituency with 15,170 votes, a drop from the 24,793 she received in 2015.

After a landslide victory at the last election, Aberdeen North was considered to be a safe seat for the SNP.

Following the result, Mrs Blackman said: “I’m really pleased. I’m delighted to be able to represent my city again. It’s been a huge privilege to be the MP for Aberdeen North and I’m really pleased to get the opportunity to do it again for a few years.

“Obviously I didn’t take anything for granted, but the results we were getting on the doors were hugely positive so I think this was on the cards really.”

Turning to her former fellow nationalist MPs who lost their seats, she said: “There are some of my colleagues I’m disappointed to lose, and I think we’ll look at that over the next few days and weeks and I suppose work out what we can do better.

“I will be absolutely back to the day job dealing with case work. It’s been really difficult to deal with case work as I haven’t been an MP over the past few weeks so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck back in and helping as many people as we can.

“I’m going to keep opposing Tory austerity, I think that’s the key thing. I think the Tories are going down the wrong path and it’s going to harm people and we need to do what we can.”

In second was Orr Vinegold of Labour, with 11,031 votes, consistent with the number of votes received in 2015.

Conservative candidate Grace O’Keeffe recorded 8,341 votes putting her in third, while Lib Dem Isobel Davidson came fourth with 1,693.

Independent candidate Richard Durkin came in last with 522 votes.