Kingsford Stadium would mean loss of ‘last piece of green space’ say community councils

Community councils near the proposed new stadium at Kingsford have today said the plans would result in the loss of the “last piece of green space” in the area.

Audrey Findlay, chairwoman of Westhill and Elrick Community Council, said the group is opposed to the £50 million stadium, because of “fundamental breaches in planning policy”.

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She added: “We did take a lot of time to take a decision despite recent comments which are just not true.

“If this development goes ahead then the last piece of green space will be lost and the landscape of the area changed forever.

“Greenbelt policy is very clearly laid out in planning documents. However it has been swept away by Aberdeen Football Club.”

Ian Cox, secretary of Kingswells Community Council,  claimed the club has not considered alternative sites.

He added: “The insistence on co-location has resulted in one site.

“The football stadium will provide the same benefits to the North-east where ever it is built.

“There is nothing special about the Kingsford site. ”

“We’ve worked with developers in the past. We’re not just a bunch of nimbys.”