Kickboxer Kaitlyn hopes to strike success in Aberdeen awards

Aberdeen kickboxer Kaitlyn Hendry has been perfecting her skills since she was just four years old.

A member of the Dragon School for Black Belts Kickboxing Club, the S3 Hazlehead Academy pupil takes part in a number of tournaments each year.

Kaitlyn Hendry

She has now been shortlisted for the Children’s and Young People’s Service Awards run by Aberdeen City Council, after being nominated by PE teacher Lauren Malone.

The 13-year-old is currently ranked as a four-star black belt, and is the highest ranked junior at her club.

She hopes to gain her fifth star later this year, and could hold nine stars by the time she is 18 – the highest possible ranking for her age.

So far, she has been crowned the WKA Scottish Kickboxing Champion four times and the WAKO British Kickboxing Champion four times.

In addition, she won the Irish Open in March last year and has been selected for Team GB twice, last year and this year. She also came second in the European Championships last year.

Kaitlyn said: “I was a bit surprised, because I’d never been up for an award like that, but when I was told what it was about I was really happy.”

She added: “Miss Malone has only been at the school for a year or two, so it’s nice to know that she’s already recognised me for what I’ve done and it’s great to be nominated.”

Miss Malone said: “I believe Kaitlyn deserves this award as she has committed her life to the sport and has an incredible work ethic.”

Kaitlyn trains six days a week – a regime that includes a 5-7km run almost every day after school – while taking on additional fitness work in her spare time.

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