Jail for man in ‘TV style’ drugs chase at Aberdeen train station

Joseph Okoye appeared at Aberdeen Sherfiff Court.
Joseph Okoye appeared at Aberdeen Sherfiff Court.

A DRUGS runner caught with around £27,000 of cocaine after a police chase at the city’s railway station has been locked up.

Nigerian national Joseph Okoye, 28, was in the country illegally and having money problems when he agreed to bring a package to Aberdeen on a “no questions asked” basis.

However, when he saw police and the drugs dog at the station he said he realised what he was carrying – and sparked a chase through the train described as being “like something on TV”.

Okoye had admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine at the city’s railway station on February 19 this year.

Defence agent Mike Monro said that Okoye had come to the UK to study and was sponsored by his uncle to study.

However due to the political climate in Nigeria, Okoye’s uncle’s business collapsed and the finance for his nephew dried up.

Mr Monro said: “He was no longer a student and became an illegal stay.”

Mr Monro said: “He was in debt to £7,000 and was in the UK stranded, the girlfriend was pregnant. He was really in a destitute situation.”

It was then that Okoye was “invited” to take a package to Aberdeen by train.

Mr Monro said: “Police were at the station along with the dog, the accused then knows why he is coming to Aberdeen. Two and two easily make four for him. He comes off the train, saw the dog, saw police and made a quick return to the train and it’s almost like something on a TV programme where he is chased through the train and caught with his ticket and the bag with drugs worth approximately £27,000.”

Sheriff Graham Buchanan told Okoye, a prisoner of HMP Grampian, that only a prison term was appropriate.