Inspectors still have concerns about children’s safety and dignity at North-east nursery

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Inspectors still have concerns about children’s safety and dignity at a North-east nursery nine months after they first pointed them out.

Care Inspectorate monitors visited the nursery at Fraserburgh North School on Finalyson Street, Fraserburgh, last June and gave it a “weak” rating – the second worst of six possible ratings.

They ordered the nursery to make nine changes – and a new report shows staff have made four.

The Care Inspectorate remains concerned about the safety of the playground and the condition of the toilets.

According to the report, improvements have been made to improve safety, including the introduction of a signing in and out system for children.

“We observed staff were more pro-active in ensuring children were kept safe during collection times,” said the report.

Inspectors said boundary gates had been repaired and immediate safety issues had been resolved but there were still issues with the playground.

The report added: “Plans were being developed to improve the overall safety of playground surfaces, fixtures and fittings and to provide better experiences for children.”

Last June, the Care Inspectorate said: “The lack of division between the children’s toilet cubicles and the playroom, and the design of the cubicles, presented infection control issues, putting children at risk (and) there were issues of privacy and dignity for children.”

Work on the playground and toilets has still to be carried out, but is being considered, according to the report.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokeswoman said: “We note the inspection report and will continue to support the nursery and staff to make the necessary improvements.”