Aberdeen incinerator plans will not be called in by Scottish Government

An artist’s impression of the proposed plant at night.

The Scottish Government has decided it will not call in an application for a £120 million incinerator.

Opponents to the scheme wrote to the Scottish Government last week, making a formal request for Scottish Ministers to call in the decision and hold a public hearing.

Aberdeen City Council has chosen a site on Greenbank Terrace in East Tullos to locate the facility, which would generate heat and power to provide low-cost energy from waste which cannot be recycled.

A joint statement from Torry, Cove, Kincorth and Nigg community councils said they hoped the application would be considered by parliament given the “considerable issues of public concern and public health”.

But the Scottish Government has confirmed it will not review the decision, which was conditionally approved 23 to 14 by councillors.

Finance convener Councillor Willie Young said the Scottish Government decision would allow the facility to move forward.

He added: “The most important thing now is that some of the issues in and around health need to be addressed by SEPA and the Scottish Government.

“Many within the community had put their hopes in the Scottish Government but rightly they have decided not to call it in.”

The facility would take in 150,000 tonnes of waste from the three local authority areas in the North-east.

A special meeting of all councillors has been organised for Monday, October 24, for members to discuss the inter-authority agreement.

Work on the site is scheduled to begin in January 2019.

In addition to the 20 staff who will eventually manage the facility when it goes live in 2021, the site construction will employ around 200 workers.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We have considered the request for call-in and do not consider that the proposal raises issues of national significance which would merit Ministers’ intervention.”