How to have a hygge lifestyle on the cheap this winter

Have you heard about hygge? If not, there’s every chance you won’t be able to stop noticing it now you’ve encountered it for the first time.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word, and loosely describes a feeling or mood, where people take pleasure in and appreciate ordinary things. It encourages cosiness, intimacy and is generally pretty wholesome.

Furthermore, it’s become quite fashionable – so how can you hygge up your life in an affordable way?

Duvet, or not duvet?

If you’re going for cosiness, you’ve got to get your duvet involved. Failing that, a throw or blanket that you might have to hand, but assuming you have a duvet already, this is free.

Design a mini fort or floor bed and hey, you’ve got yourself a hygge home.

Get outside… then get inside!

Hygge is all about cosiness, and much of that means being indoors – but wrapping up for a lovely winter walk in your woollies is all part of the experience.

And for some cheap home decor, grab some twigs, pine cones etc while you’re out, and create some eye-catching pieces when you get back into the toasty warmth of your home.

Time to read

Sitting down and absorbing yourself in a great book is very hygge indeed – and you don’t have to read a book ABOUT hygge of course.

Books are all part of the hygge experience so visit your local library or take part in a book swap to keep costs down. Get yourself a warm drink, stick a floppy jumper on and lose yourself in literature while snuggled in your duvet.

Speaking of warm drinks…

Invest in a lovely mug

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A mug’s not going to break the bank, and a nice one just makes your warm drink experience all the more fancy – that can only be a good thing.

Candles galore

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You just gotta get that candles vibe going when you’re hygge-ing it up. Set the tone, turn the light bulbs off, and enjoy a more natural light.

Recycle a few jam jars, buy some tea lights (a big bag is usually only £1 ) and you’re away for a very reasonable price.

Socks and such

You probably forgot about your feet, didn’t you?

A pair of weekday socks with holes in the heel don’t fit the hygge vibe we’re going for here, but don’t fret – cosy socks are everywhere these days for around £5-£10.

Bake a loaf

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What’s cosier than freshly baked bread? The ingredients are super cheap, and it’s so warm and fluffy – a hygge staple, for sure.

Super soup

Come on, if you’re making bread you might as well do some soup as well.

Veg is nice and cheap, and soup doesn’t take long to prepare – fresh bread and home-made soup for a perfect winter meal. Just don’t spill it on your duvet.

Write it all down

Last but not least, get yourself a diary of sorts. Hygge is about nourishing experiences, and writing can be a great stress reliever, helping you appreciate the aspects of your life a little more.