Huge pothole causes havoc for drivers on A90

Emergency repairs were carried out on the A90 last night

Dozens of drivers suffered punctured tyres and buckled alloys due to a huge pothole on the A90.

Road engineers had to rush to a busy North-east road to carry out emergency repairs after a giant pothole appeared.

As many as 21 stricken cars were seen pulled over onto the verge of the A90 Aberdeen to Dundee road near Laurencekirk with their hazard lights flashing, or parked in a nearby farm entrance, at about 6.45pm yesterday.

There were also reports of cars swerving dangerously on the trunk road in order to avoid their vehicles coming to harm.

Police officers were at the scene guiding traffic safely around what they described as a “hazard to road users”.

Heather Hope from Laurencekirk said: “I counted 21 cars all on the verge and in the entrance to the farm track. They were all trying to squeeze in there like a jigsaw puzzle.”

She added: “A lot of them had flat tyres or broken alloys, and we have to be talking about thousands and thossands of pounds worth of repairs now being in order.”