Hospital staff given mixed feedback after report by inspectors

Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin.
Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin.

Hospital staff were given a mixed report on their performance following a recent visit by inspectors.

The Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) carried out an unplanned visit to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin in November and has just published its findings.

Following their visit, the three inspectors identified five requirements which staff must make.

Among these included ensuring breast milk was stored at the right temperature and putting a system in place to effectively clean the blood gas analyser.

However, inspectors also noted numerous positive factors including a good standard of domestic cleaning and levels of infection control.

Ian Smith, the head of quality of care at HEI, said: “During the inspection of Dr Gray’s Hospital, we found that the standard of domestic cleaning and compliance with standard infection control precautions was good.

“However, NHS Grampian must ensure the environment is maintained and, where possible, refurbished to reduce the risk of infection.”