Here’s how you could apply to be an extra in the new Fraserburgh film Born to Run

Residents in a North-east town are being urged to sign up for a chance to star in a new movie being filmed in the town.

Born to Run, inspired by the Bruce Springsteen song, focuses on a fish filleter who steals his dad’s car and joins the boy racers who race through Fraserburgh’s streets.

Earlier this month youngsters from across the region were given the chance to audition for one of the film’s lead roles.

And now people living in Fraserburgh will have the chance to become an extra in the production.

Bosses have said a large number of people are required of all ages to feature in the background in the film.

In particular people in the fish processing industry and young skateboarders are being sought by assistant director Sean Boyle.

He said: “The film requires a large amount of extras. We are looking to hire locals to fill these roles.

“We are particularly looking for men and women who have experience in working with and gutting fish.

“We are also keen to have some teenagers who are great at skateboarding or BMXing involved.

“We would love to hear from anyone interested adults and kids of all ages and we will be requiring extras for both day and night shoots.”

Anyone interested in joining the cast as an extra is asked to contact