Frank Gilfeather: Nic has no right to call out anyone for a U-turn

Theresa; what have you done? Are you unaware that the people of Britain are scunnered with elections and referenda?

I fell asleep last night while counting the number we’ve had in the last few years and that’s even before we get to grips with the upcoming local authority vote on May 4.

That’s the one mentioned at the foot of this column, by the way.

My knuckles are skint pushing leaflets through the kind of letterboxes that have a built-in ability to snap shut before your hand is clear and I’ve given up being scared of the yappy wee dogs that try to remove the tips of your fingers.

There are the bigger, more powerful canines, too, who hurl themselves at the door at the mere sound of a footstep on the “welcome” mat.

That door is the only barrier between a humble leaflet deliverer and a severe Hound of the Baskervilles-type mauling.

And you want us to go through all that again, Mrs May?

As the opportunist you clearly are you have afforded our First Minister the chance to raise the temperature surrounding her weary argument that Scotland should be
out of the UK and in the EU as we all mutter a collective OMG.

Oh how we laughed at Nicola Sturgeon’s accusation that Mrs May had effected an “extraordinary U-turn” given that the PM said only a few months ago that we wouldn’t have another General Election for some years. Hang on!

In the wake of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, weren’t we told by Ms Sturgeon and her cohorts there wouldn’t be another for a generation?

As U-turns go, Nicola’s is a beauty.