Former Aberdeen bypass worker jailed for breaking into house

Aberdeen Sheriff Court

A former AWPR worker has been jailed for breaking into a house and stealing property.

James Disley, 26, had moved to the North-east from Liverpool to work on the Aberdeen bypass.

But after losing his job, Disley and an accomplice, who has appeared in court separately, broke into a property in Inverugie.

Disley admitted breaking into the address and stealing a quantity of electrical items and jewellery.

The offence took place on March 30 this year.

The fiscal depute told the court the householder discovered the break-in when she came home.

She said: “At 11.45am she returned home and realised that the side gate was open and she previously left it closed.

“She made her way inside the property through the kitchen area and could see that there was glass on the floor which appeared to have come from the side window which had been smashed.”

The householder also noticed damage to the back door.

The fiscal depute added: “She then went upstairs and noticed that all the bedroom doors had been opened and the rooms ransacked.”

It was said she noticed her laptop, worth around £400, had gone, as had jewellery worth approximately £100.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court also heard tools belonging to the householder’s husband, with a value of £20, were taken.

Damage to the property amounted to around £3,000.

Disley was caught when fingerprints were found on a hammer at the scene.

Defence agent Sheena Mair said: “He was in the area working on the bypass.

“He’d been laid off from his job.

“He’d been out drinking. He was very drunk and low.

“He wishes me to apologise to the home owner on his behalf.”

Since the date of the offence, Ms Mair said her client had returned to Liverpool and was due to become a father.

She said: “He’s devastated it’s his own fault he’s going to miss the birth of his child.”

Sheriff Andrew Miller sentenced Disley, whose address was given in court papers as Edenhurst Avenue, Liverpool, to 12 months behind bars.

The sentence will be served following another prison sentence he is already serving for an unrelated matter.