Focus group held in Aberdeen on benefit system

Focus groups were held in Aberdeen
Focus groups were held in Aberdeen

Views shared by Aberdeen residents will help the Scottish Government ensure its benefits complaints process is robust, a new report said.

Most benefits are administered by the London-based Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), though some are coming under the control of Holyrood.

To ensure it deals with complaints and feedback properly, the Scottish Government held a focus group in Aberdeen.

A Scottish Government report summarising the findings said: “Most focus-group participants had a good understanding of the DWP process for making a complaint or challenging a decision about a benefit application, and many had experience of using these systems with the DWP.

“Some participants highlighted the financial impact of having to challenge a decision in th current system – in particular if you need to wait for a long time for a decision to be overturned.”

The report added: “These findings are being used to develop robust systems for feedback and complaints. It is also helping to develop the policy and process for people challenging a decision on their benefit application.”