Find gives fascinating glimpse of rarely-seen ocean creatures

Fish that have been found in the deep Scottish sea water.

A menagerie of rarely-seen fish have washed up on to a North-east shore.

The creatures were discovered by two volunteers for the St Cyrus National Nature Reserve – Bob Kirkpatrick and 15-year-old Jobrul Chamberlain.

St Cyrus National Nature Reserve manager Therese Alampo said: “They were out checking the reserve when they saw the unusual fish.

“Jobrul is really interested in the marine environment and knew they were special.

“He brought them back for me to identify and I nearly fell over with excitement. I have been fascinated by deep sea species since I was a very young child.

“It was puzzling though that this fantastic collection had washed up together – we figured that they must have come off a trawler and then washed ashore by the deep swells.”

Included in the remarkable group were a fangtooth and Sloanes viperfish – a predatory form of dragon fish which skewers its prey with its razor-sharp teeth. Two types of fish called chimaera were also found, which are rarely seen by humans due to the fact they live at depths as low as two kilometres below sea level.

Therese added: “It’s a real privilege to see these fish close up and to look at how they have adapted to life in the depths of the ocean.

“I think it is wonderful how so many people have shown an interest in these deep sea creatures, and been inspired by how incredible they are.

“All are found in Scottish waters and it’s great to share these pictures with the public.”

It later turned out that the fish had been caught off the coast of Shetland and brought back to shore by a marine scientist to show his children.

They were left on the shore in Shetland and were swept out to sea before landing on the beach in St Cyrus.

Therese said: “The marine environment fascinates people.

“People see it as a mysterious world and connecting with it by seeing the creatures that live within it, usually hidden away, can be a magical and exciting experience.”