Fears transforming home into student pub will hurt balance of Old Aberdeen community

Concerns have been raised by residents of a city community after plans to turn a residential property into a pub were lodged.

The application, to transform a currently unused residential property in Old Aberdeen’s High Street, has attracted hundreds of comments, both in favour and objecting to the proposal which would see the property turned into a pub with a beer garden.

Concerns about the application for the category B listed Georgian property have been raised by Old Aberdeen Community Council, however, after receiving many letters of concern and objections from those living there long term.

The Old Aberdeen Community Council objection raises questions about whether the proposal is robust enough to survive once the students who are behind the application leave the university – and hope to keep the village community spirit alive in order to maintain a mixed community.

Dewi Morgan, planning officer and web admin for Old Aberdeen Community Council said: “The problem is that if they keep building student-related facilities on the High Street then the street won’t be what it has been for 500 years.

“If it goes too much one way then it will be a desert in the summer.”

These objections were also matched by the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, which said: “We do not believe that the possible benefits of the proposed development outweigh the likely harm to the conservation area.

“We would welcome if the building could be used as a residential dwelling.”

Despite the objections by residents, the application has also gathered a significant amount of support from students.

Applicants Tamas Mueller and Juliusz Matraszek said: “We see this enterprise as a very valuable asset and do not see any reason why we should not continue to own this venue for the foreseeable future.

“Thousands of new students join every year and their need for a friendly, social space will always be present.”