Fears Brexit will hit care for vulnerable people

Brexit could have a “devastating impact” on Camphill communities in Scotland supporting people with learning disabilities, according to a report from the charity.

Camphill was founded in Aberdeen by Austrian refugees fleeing Nazism in 1940 and now has six communities in and around the city caring for hundreds of vulnerable people, tied into an international network.

But the report from director Neil Henery sets out how 50% of the charity’s workers in Aberdeen are EU citizens whose future in the UK remains unclear.

He said: “Brexit will potentially make it much more difficult to recruit EU nationals as employees and co-workers, a development which could place in jeopardy the long-term sustainability of many of the Camphill communities.

“This, in turn, is likely to have a fundamental impact upon the levels of education, care and support currently provided to people with learning disabilities, and with other support needs, by the Camphill communities in Scotland, and across the UK.”