Evening Express sends Noel Gallagher a box of rowies … and here’s his verdict

Noel Gallagher tucked in to a box of rowies after the Evening Express sent them to his dressing room ahead of his Aberdeen gig.

In an interview before his gig, Noel said he had never heard of the region’s classic bite but would give them a try if a box was delivered to his dressing room ahead of his AECC gig.

So the Evening Express obliged and got Inverurie-based baker JG Ross to provide the samples.

In a note to the star, the baker explained the North-east favourite was like a squashed croissant and advised him they were “best served warm with butter or jam”.

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Speaking to Northsound 1 show Micky in the Morning, he said: “They look like dead croissants. It’s not the kind of thing which comes to me in a gig if I’m hungry.

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Northsound 1's Travel Pete with Noel Gallagher
Northsound 1’s Travel Pete with Noel Gallagher

“A woman wrote me a note referring to them as a North-east breakfast product known as a battery.”

When corrected, Noel replied: “I can’t read when I don’t have my monocle in.”

Noel also described how he was running late to his gig at the AECC due to roadworks outside Aberdeen International Airport.

He added: “What’s with all the roadworks?

“Honestly the traffic is worse than what it was in London coming out of the airport.

“It’s unbelievable.

“In a traffic jam in Aberdeen of all places, unbelievable.”