Engineers set to inspect historic North-east harbour wall at risk of ‘imminent collapse’

The damage at Cullen Harbour is clear to see in this image.

An entire sea wall at a historic port is at risk of “imminent collapse” after more of it crashed into the water.

A hole in the pier at B-listed Cullen Harbour, was erected in 1817, was reported last week after rock was sucked from underneath the walkway.

And a huge gap was created in the wall after more of the historic structure fell into the Moray Firth. It is believed that high tides in recent days have accelerated the damage.

Moray Council engineers were due to visit the harbour today.

Meanwhile, the local authority has urged people to stay away due to the “fragile” nature of the remaining wall.

Dennis Paterson, a member of Cullen Community Council, said: “It really is pretty disastrous. We reported concerns to the powers-that-be many moons ago, maybe April, and were told it would be monitored regularly. It’s going to cost an awful lot more to repair it now. A cure is always a lot worse than prevention.”

A Moray Council spokesman said: “The Cullen harbour wall is very precarious. People should keep away from it as it’s in a state of imminent collapse.”