Eggcellent Easter project sees Spanish and North-east artists work together

Dalia Martinez, front, came up with the idea for the egg-themed project.

A talented group is set for an Easter egg hunt with an artistic twist.

Artists in both Aberdeen and the Spanish city of Oviedo will exchange egg-themed work – and then hide them around both city centres for members of the public to find during the Easter weekend.

The international art exchange, called Huevombing OVDABZ, was the brainchild of Dalia Martinez, who goes by the name of Lady Thornfield for her artwork.

Dalia, 27, who has stayed in Aberdeen for two years, originally hails from the city in north-western Spain.

Currently studying English at the Open University, as well as working at the Rosemount Community Centre and Books and Beans, Dalia said: “It is an exchange of artwork between my home town in Spain and artists here.

“We are going to hide them, still in the postal tube. The theme is related to eggs – mine will be Humpty Dumpty. Every artist can choose, every artist is going to go with their own style. I was going to organise it and hide my own drawings, but I was talking to a friend who said ‘why not do it together’. We decided to talk to everybody and created an event.”

As part of the exchange, each artist will create their egg-themed artwork on paper or canvas, it will then be rolled up and posted in a tube to Oviedo from Aberdeen and vice versa.

Dalia, whose art is inspired by literature, would like to make the exchange an annual event and plans to apply for funding for next year.

She said: “This year is going to be an experimental trial in order to learn and be able to organise a bigger and better event next year.”

Other artists taking part in the project include Katarina Chomova, a fine art painter from the Czech Republic, who graduated from Gray’s School of Art and now lives in Aberdeen, and Kelly-Anne Cairns, 41, from Muchalls.

Painter Kelly-Anne said she met Dalia when they worked together on a project for Creative Learning at Aberdeenshire Council.

She said: “Dalia ran the idea past us and I thought it was a fantastic opportunity. Being an artist is quite solitary – any opportunity to work together, especially on something light-hearted and fun like this is great. It’s going to be a real thrill to be part of it.”

The artworks hidden in both Oviedo and Aberdeen will have tags on them and it is hoped that those who stumble upon them will take to social media to share their find.

She added: “To think that someone in Spain could come across art I have created and the fact we have this link is super exciting.”

At the moment around 30 artists across both cities are involved.

Kelly-Anne said: “It’s growing and so easy for people to be involved – the more the merrier, we won’t turn anyone down.

“Hopefully when people find the art they will picture it and tag it to Instagram or Facebook and we will get to see it, it is kind of like a message in a bottle. We might never see them (the artworks) again once we post them out – but that’s okay.”

Members of the public taking part will get to keep the pieces they find.

Kelly-Anne added: “It’s bringing art to everybody, it is just a lovely thing to do.”