Dons claim three stadium bids have cost club £5 million

Applications to build a new stadium have cost Aberdeen Football Club in the region of £5 million, it has been revealed.

The Dons want to build a new £50m community sports campus and stadium with on-site training facilities at Kingsford near Westhill.

But this is not the first bid made by the club to build themselves a new home in the city – they previously received planning consent for stadiums at Bellfield, near Kingswells, and Loirston, near Cove, but both fell through.

The club has now revealed that the three applications have collectively cost it around £5m over the past 18 years.

George Yule, executive vice-chairman of the Dons, said: “It’s hugely frustrating that we’ve had to pour resources into three planning applications, while spending considerable sums every year on maintaining Pittodrie.

“While we’ve made great strides on the park, we must now make sure we have the facilities to go with such great performances.

“We’d have rather spent the money on creating better facilities for the players and the fans, and even on bolstering football operations.

“But we are where we are and, after an exhaustive study of all other site options in the city, Kingsford is the best location.

“We are not exaggerating when we say we cannot afford for this application to fail.”

The planning costs have largely been in relation to professional fees and include hiring architects, planners, roads engineers and transport consultants.

Diane Reid of the No Kingsford Stadium group said: “The stadium location at Kingsford, plucked from the air by AFC, is not part of the local development plan.

“AFC have selected an unsustainable location that is contrary to planning and transport policy.

“Kingsford is a poor site, seven miles from the city, which will lead to a decline in attendances and negative impacts on the local area, the city centre and environment.”

A vote on the Kingsford application is expected in October, but the local authority is first holding a pre-determination hearing, which isdue to take place at the Town House from 9.30am on Wednesday, September 13.