Delight over response to appeal for cash to help dachshund Archie

Mini dachshund Archie.

An Aberdeen family has said the support for their dog who needed an operation has been “absolutely incredible”.

David Griffiths, Amy Teakle and their two-year-old son Finlay were looking to raise around £1,800 for the rehabilitation of their mini dachshund Archie who ruptured a disc and suffered compression of his spine.

So far their crowdfunding page has raised more than £1,400 which the Cove family are over the moon about.

Archie had to have emergency surgery on December 23 in order to fix the problem.

He suddenly fell ill with a torn tendon in his left leg. However, he rapidly declined and within a couple of days he was unable to walk without his back legs failing. David and Amy decided to take him to the Aberdeen Veterinary Referrals where a CT scan showed the problem.

David said: “The support we have had has been absolutely incredible.

“I honestly thought it was a stab in the dark to create the crowdfunding page but after listening to dachshund groups as well as friends and family we decided to set it up. A lot of the people who have donated money on the crowdfunding we don’t know so we have to thank them for all they have done.

“The money raised so far I am sure will go a long way to helping Archie.”

After spending a couple of days at the vet’s, the three-year-old dog was allowed home to be with his family and his brother and fellow dachshund Percy.

“Archie has been back around a week now and although he is making good progress it is going to take him a while to recover fully from the back operation.

“When he first got back to the house he was quite wobbly when he was walking, but that is understandable really.

“You can never tell if an operation has gone well in the first couple of days, but I think after just over two weeks it has gone really well,” David added.

A period of rehabilitation now faces Archie, which is expected to last for some time.

David said: “It is going to be tough for Archie, but I am sure he will get through it all.

“There is always a fear with Dachshunds that discs in their back could go at anytime.

“Although he has had an operation to repair one it is always on your mind that another disc could go.

“We have to be careful with him.”

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