Defibrillator stolen by ‘utter idiot’ from North-east town

Councillor Paul Johnston, left, with community council chairman James Milton.

Callous thieves have put lives at risk by stealing a public access defibrillator, it was claimed today.

The medical equipment was taken from Oldmeldrum Market Square, where it is meant to be available for people to use in emergencies.

It had only been installed in the square in early March, but police are investigating after the device was taken between Wednesday and Thursday.

Oldmeldrum councillor Paul Johnston blasted those responsible.

He said: “At the outset of this, the fact that we put it in a public space so open was because we had assumed that people would be sensible enough, civic minded enough and human enough to leave these things alone.

“It takes a complete and utter idiot to go and take one away, if it’s not being used for a proper purpose.

“I appeal for them to return it and to the spirit of the community to, if it’s not returned, replace it.”

Public access defibrillators are used to restart people’s hearts in an emergency with more and more being set up in communities around the country.