Stonehaven residents join forces to spread Christmas cheer with dazzling light display

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for one North-east neighbourhood.

Residents of Stonehaven’s Malcolm’s Way have once again joined together to offer a dazzling display of festive lights and decorations.

Patricia Bruce, 40, a resident on the street, has been spearheading the event for the past five years.

The impressive Christmas lights help her and the neighbourhood raise money for charities.

After moving to the town in 2009, Patricia and her late husband Tom, who passed away in 2015 from cancer, started decorating their home with lights to raise money for the Dialysis Unit at Kincardine Hospital.

The public switch-on of the lights took place yesterday evening, with a private switch-on on Saturday.

This year residents of the street have decided to get behind Carronhill School for children with special and additional needs.

Patricia, who lives with her children Daniel, 3, and Melanie, 10, said: “The neighbourhood has embraced the cause and the school really needs the money. The school does not have it in its budget to afford much-needed equipment for the 35 students.

“The idea is to help them get a sensory room and a music room for the kids to use.”

A new addition this year is the Remembrance Tree Patricia has set up in her front garden.

She said: “The idea came from a friend of mine who liked the way I decorated my tree.

“She told me ‘You should just put the tree outside, ask people to decorate it and donate to the fund after they put an ornament on the tree’.

“Christmas is a difficult time for those who have lost a loved one.

“It is also a nice way to honour them and remember them by hanging an ornament in their name.”

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Patricia hopes to dedicate a special theme to the Remembrance Tree annually, with this year’s theme being heaven.

The display has already raised £1,600 for the school and £144 for Friends of ANCHOR, which supports the ANCHOR Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Patricia said: “It makes me really happy that the neighbourhood gets together. For our VIP event, where we had our own private switch-on, we saw around 300 people come out.

“It is great that the neighbours are supportive. The important thing to know is that I don’t do it on my own. There is a huge amount of people who get together to make this happen every year.”

As for the must-see display, Patricia joked that hers is definitely the attraction the public should look forward to.

She said: “I went a little bit over budget this year and really wanted to make it cartoon-themed because of Carronhill School.

“I bought cartoon inflatables of the Minions and Mickey Mouse – I even got a Spider-Man crawling up the side of the house.

“There is a lot of healthy competition in the neighbourhood and sometimes we even keep our displays a secret until the day of the switch-on.

“Every year we keep adding on to our displays and it gives people some-thing to look forward to.”

Patricia is inviting the public to join in the Christmas festivities by having a first-hand look at the displays and donating whatever they can to the causes.

She added: “Every penny makes a much-needed difference and it helps to get the message out about the charities that we are trying to help.”

Over the last five years, the ever-expanding light spectacle has raised more than £60,000 for good causes.