Dates confirmed for Aberdeen’s street art festival Nuart

The dates for the return of Aberdeen’s popular street art festival have been confirmed.

A team of international and local artists will return to the city for the Nuart Aberdeen, which takes place between Thursday, April 12 and Sunday, April 15.

Last year’s award-winning festival saw a series of eye-catching murals painted at key locations throughout the city centre.

A total of £100,000 has been made available each year for the next three years by the council to support events including Nuart, the Great Aberdeen run and the Tour series .

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “We are delighted to bring the Nuart Aberdeen street art festival back for a second year in 2018 to build on the success we enjoyed this year.

“We are very grateful to Aberdeen City Council which was bold and ambitious in supporting us and understood that the city, and the wider north-east, got a very real return for the investment.

“We understand the challenges to the public purse, but the Nuart Aberdeen festival seems to be one that is universally accepted as being a game changer and one we all ought to be proud of and get behind.

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the festival and it was great to see so many people admiring the works since the festival in April.”

He added: “Nuart Aberdeen truly captured the hearts and minds of the public in the north-east and way beyond. It was seen by many as ‘transformational’, on so many different levels, and of a scale and ambition that is in keeping with where this city needs to be.

“The festival left a legacy in the city and with its much-anticipated return in April of next year, we hope it continues to act as a stimulus in attracting many more high calibre cultural activities to Aberdeen.

“This has been great illustration of what we can achieve as a team and undoubtedly helps Aberdeen City Centre’s transition to the next level, through our City Centre Masterplan.”