Ship out with us to see best of Norway and Scotland

Evening Express readers can enjoy a high seas adventure with their favourite paper as we set sail with our own cruise offering the best of Scotland and Norway.

The EE voyage on the majestic Magellan cruise ship will set sail in 18 months on a nine-night tour around some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

With up to 1,300 passengers on board, the glamorous ship will visit awe-inspiring fjords and some of Scotland’s stunning islands.

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The journey evokes memories of the days when the Evening Express’s parent company, DC Thomson, ran a famous shipping line in the 1800s.

There will be plenty of entertainment on board as well during the special trip – all organised by  DC Thomson and ship operator Cruise and Maritime Voyages.

Itinerary: The sights you can see as a passenger on the Magellan

Fresh delights will await every day as a dedicated team of expert chefs and attentive restaurant staff serve up high-quality meals and a fine evening dining experience with up to five courses.

Magellan also houses an incredibly large variety of activities within its 726ft (221m) span, including a show lounge, pubs, coffee shops, casino and shopping galleria.

Magellan: The ship that could take you to see the best of Norway and Scotland

The Evening Express Magellan voyage departs from Dundee on June 14 2020 and arrives back in Greenock 10 days later – taking in sights including Flam, Bergen and Portree.

While best known these days for its industry-leading media work, DC Thomson has a long and proud association with the sea.

Following his success in business, William Thomson II looked to the seas and purchased a stake in a sailing ship.

His involvement escalated over the years when he purchased more vessels.

Eventually, with a fleet of 28, the Thomson family was responsible for one of the most invaluable shipping firms in the world and provided essential aid to South Africa during the Boer War.

William Thomson Timeline

William Thomson
  • 1801: The first issue of The Dundee Weekly Advertiser is published.
  • 1817: William Thomson II is born.
  • 1838: After working as an apprentice draper, Mr Thomson buys his own shop in Dundee.
  • 1849: The success of his business gives him the chance to buy a 50% share in sailing ship Catherine.
  • 1850: Mr Thomson increases his stake in shipping and purchases more vessels.
  • 1871: The Strathtay, the first of the Thomson steamships, begins operating.
  • 1876: Mr Thomson’s fleet of merchant ships increases to 28.
  • 1899: The Thomson Line sends several ships with horses and mules to South Africa during the Boer war.
  • 1907: The shipping line is acquired by Cairns, Noble & Co.

Andrew Thomson, chairman of DC Thomson, said: “It’s wonderful to see DC Thomson realigning with its heritage by returning to the seas.

“When William Thomson established the Thomson Shipping Line in the 19th century I’m sure he didn’t contemplate that over 100 years later DC Thomson would be transporting passengers by ship around the Scottish Isles and Norway.

“This kind of diversification of the business is a great fit for DC Thomson.”

Craig Houston, head of enterprise for DC Thomson Media, said: “Working with Cruise & Maritime Voyages to bring this highly desirable sailing route to DC Thomson Travel customers has been a pleasure.

“We’re excited to be offering such a special route with a trusted partner and we can’t wait to hear what our passengers say about this amazing trip.”