Aberdeen man sent indecent picture of the woman he stalked to her mother on Facebook

Samuel McIntosh
leaving Aberdeen Sheriff Court
Samuel McIntosh leaving Aberdeen Sheriff Court

A man who stalked a woman and sent her mum an indecent picture of her in her underwear has been ordered to carry out unpaid work.

Samuel McIntosh, 22, embarked on the disturbing course of conduct over the space of around a month and also called her offensive names and assaulted her friend.

Depute fiscal Alan Townsend told Aberdeen Sheriff Court McIntosh waited outside Atik nightclub on Bridge Place for the woman.

She came out of the venue at about 2am on January 17.

Mr Townsend said: “The accused grabbed her by the wrist and said words similar to ‘you’re coming with me’.”

He then led her up to Union Street before letting go.

At around 3.30am on the same morning, McIntosh and the woman were talking inside a property.

Mr Townsend said: “The woman started using her mobile phone to send a text.

“However, it was grabbed out of her hand with the accused shouting: ‘Who are you texting?’.

“The case of the phone was ripped off at that time and he stated that he was going to break the phone.”

Friends of the woman were concerned about her welfare and ushered him out of the property.

The depute fiscal said McIntosh then grabbed one of her male friends by the hair and “punched him several times in the face”.

On January 31 the woman received a text from McIntosh which said, among other things, that she liked “indecent” videos of herself on Twitter.

Mr Townsend said: “About 20 minutes later her mother received an image via the accused’s Facebook profile.”

The image showed her daughter in lingerie.

Her mother told the woman about it and she felt “embarrassed and ashamed”.

At 8.12pm on February 19, the woman received an email from McIntosh calling her offensive names.

McIntosh told police he had been trying to send the image to himself not the woman’s mum.

He also said he wanted to scare the woman.

He previously pled guilty to engaging in a course of conduct which caused the woman fear or alarm and also to assaulting a man.

McIntosh’s solicitor said: “This is the first time Mr McIntosh has been to court for an offence.

“There’s reference in the report to him being remorseful, embarrassed and deeply disgusted with himself.”

He blamed his client’s behaviour on a number of factors including jealousy and drinking.

Sheriff Andrew Miller said: “This is a very unpleasant course of conduct over a period of just over a month against a young woman.”

He ordered McIntosh, whose address was given in court papers as Chapel Street, Aberdeen, to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

McIntosh was also ordered to be supervised for 12 months.

And Sheriff Miller imposed a one-year non-harassment order.