Aberdeen head teacher chased addict who stole purse

Aberdeen Sheriff Court
Aberdeen Sheriff Court

An Aberdeen head teacher chased a drug addict after he snatched her purse at a city cash machine.

Ryan Gray, 19, grabbed the woman’s purse and ran off with the 61-year-old in pursuit on November 16.

The incident, captured on CCTV, happened at Asda on Riverview Drive in Dyce.

Gray also has a previous conviction for snatching £100 at the same cash machine on October 26,

Fiscal depute Lynzi Souter told Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “The complainer was not known to the accused previously.

“A witness nearby spotted the accused acting in a suspicious manner. It appeared he was watching people coming and going from the cash machine.

“The complainer was using the cash machine and it was at that time the accused approached her from behind, snatched her purse and then ran off.

“She gave chase for a short distance before losing sight of the accused.

“The witness did see the accused running away. She also tried to give chase, but lost sight of him.

“CCTV was reviewed which clearly showed the incident in full and witnesses were able to identify him from that footage.”

The contents of the purse were not known but it was not recovered.

Gray, of Fifehill Park, Dyce, pled guilty to stealing a purse and its contents, and also to stealing £37.50 of alcohol from the store on November 23.

He also previously admitted stealing £37.50 of alcohol on November 3, £80 worth on November 11, £40 worth on same day, and £37 worth the following day.

Gray further admitted stealing £36 of confectionery from the store on November 30.

The court heard none of the items were recovered.

Defence agent Liam McAllister said his client suffered from “chronic drug addiction” which had “spiralled”.

Asked by Sheriff Ian Wallace what the nature of his drug addiction was, Mr McAllister replied: “Anything he could get his hands on.”

Sheriff Wallace deferred sentence on Gray, who is remanded in custody, until later this month.