Aberdeen teenager raped four girls and attacked fifth with razor blade

Kyle Park
Kyle Park

An Aberdeen teenager who raped four victims and horrifically attacked a fifth with a razor blade has been locked up for six years.

Kyle Park befriended one of the girls and the 13-year-old began to communicate with him through the social media site Facebook and started to spend time with him.

But when she visited Park at his family home in Aberdeen in July 2017, he raped the child.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that after the attack the girl got up to leave but the rapist punched her in the ribs.

The High Court in Edinburgh

Park, who is now 18, had already raped two other teenage girls and would go on to subject a fourth victim to a further rape ordeal.

A judge told Park that he set out to humiliate and degrade victims and showed significant hostility to members of the opposite sex.

Lady Wise told him: “It is of particular concern to me that despite your young age you are already serving a period of detention in respect of other sexual offences.”

The judge also ordered that Park be kept under supervision for a further four years.

The court heard that unemployed Park previously received social work support for social, emotional and behavioural problems.

He earlier admitted raping his four victims at addresses in Aberdeen, assaulting one of them and assaulting a fifth female to her injury and permanent disfigurement between 2014 and last year.

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He told one of the girls to harm herself by cutting her arm with a razor blade, and when she refused, used his leg to restrain her arm before slicing an inch-long cut through her skin.

Defence counsel Craig Findlater said the cutting of the girl’s arm with the razor blade was committed against a background of Park self-harming.

Park was placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Following the hearing, Detective Inspector David Howieson said: “He is a persistent predatory offender who caused signifcant trauma and distress to his victims.

“I would like to commend their bravery in coming forward and reporting the incidents to police.”