Court hears tens of thousands of pounds discovered hidden at Brian McKandie’s home

Brian McKandie was found dead in his home.

Police discovered tens of thousands of pounds hidden in carrier bags and biscuit tins in the home of Brian McKandie more than a month after he was found dead, a murder trial has heard.

The comments were made during the trial at the High Court in Aberdeen of Steven Sidebottom who is accused of murdering Mr McKandie.

The court heard the pensioner had cash hidden under a bed and in cupboards and drawers at his home at Badenscoth, Rothienorman.

He had rolls of bank notes held together with rubber bands stashed in Quality Street, Toblerone and shortbread tins, as well as loose and in carrier bags.

The 67-year-old was found dead at his cottage on March 12, 2016.

Sidebottom denies murdering Mr McKandie and robbing him of a sum of money.

The 24-year-old has lodged a special defence of alibi.

During the second day of the trial the court heard evidence from police scene examiners, including John Dingwall who took photographs of the money.

The money was not discovered until Thursday, April 28, 2016, at which point Mr Dingwall was asked to document the finds photographically.

Mr McSporran asked Mr Dingwall if the cash found would be thousands rather than hundreds.
He replied: “Oh yes, it’s thousands.”

Mr McSporran said: “Tens of thousands?”

Mr Dingwall replied: “Yes.”

The trial, before Lord Arthurson, continues.