Councillors urged to visit North-east community over worsening landslip

Aberdeenshire councillor Hamish Partridge, centre, with Nick Smith, left, and Colin Wallek.

Senior councillors have been invited to a landslip-hit community amid claims it has reached “crisis point”.

People living in the lower part of Gardenstown have been unable to access the top of the hill in their vehicles after more mud tumbled down and smashed through a temporary wall last week.

Harbour Road has been opened to vehicles for a few hours every week under supervision, but the scheduled opening at the weekend was cancelled due to “new cracks” appearing on the cliff face.

Now Troup councillor Hamish Partridge has urged Aberdeenshire Council leader Jim Gifford and his deputy Peter Argyle to visit the area.

He said: “We are nearly three months on since the slip began and the situation has got worse with every passing day yet not one of you has had the decency or respect for the residents to visit.”

Councillor Argyle said: “The chief executive is going to Gardenstown tomorrow and the council leader will be joining him. I won’t be able to attend because I’m chairing the infrastructure services committee meeting where we will discuss £1.5 million of funding to fix the landslip.”

An information drop-in session for locals will be held at Gardenstown’s Dreel Hall on Friday from 9am until 8pm.