Aberdeen councillors reject proposal to charge homeless for storing belongings

Plans to introduce a new charge for homeless people to store their belongings have been thrown out by Aberdeen councillors.

The plan, which was considered by members of the city council’s finance committee yesterday, would have seen homeless households charged up to a maximum of £78.18.

A report that went before committee set out options to reduce the volume of goods taken in to storage and to reduce the period for which they are stored.

The proposal which was recommended, would see a limit placed on the amount each person is permitted to place in storage.

However, councillors unanimously agreed to continue with the status quo, which means there will be no charge to anyone who is homeless for storage of their goods.

The approved motion added that the council would continue to develop initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of time people are homeless which would also impact on the length of time required for the storage of individuals’ belongings.