Councillor raises concerns over potholes on A90

Potholes on the A90

A councillor has called for a transport body to take action over potholes on a major North-east road.

Councillor Gillian Owen, who represents the Ellon and District ward, raised concerns about the state of the A90 between Ellon and Peterhead.

The road is maintained by BEAR Scotland and work has been carried out to try to improve the road. Cllr Owen recently contacted the firm regarding the “deteriorating road surface” at the Auchmacoy turn-off.

Bear Scotland had undertaken remedial work, but Cllr Owen said the area is still in a “dangerous condition” and urgent action is needed.

She said: “The road was almost undriveable, you had to reduce speed sharply, I was concerned that cars which may swerve to avoid the extremely poor road surface could cause other concerns. I also believe in the long-term we could see damage done to people’s cars. The road surface will only get worse. I have again contacted Bear Scotland to draw to their attention that more permanent remedial action is urgently needed.”

The stretch of road mentioned by Cllr Owen has been been identified for a maintenance scheme due for completion either this month or next. Cllr Owen has campaigned many times over the years to have potholes fixed in her ward.

A BEAR Scotland spokeswoman said: “Routine road maintenance repairs form a large part of our work, and weekly safety inspections are carried on all trunk roads by our inspection teams to identify any defects requiring attention. These defects, such as potholes, are recorded and programmed for repair, according to severity.

Where required, temporary repairs are completed and maintained until the permanent repair can be completed.

“It should be noted that cold and wet winter weather, particularly the freeze and thaw cycle where sub-zero temperatures quickly follow heavy rain, can have a serious impact on road surfaces leading to the rapid development of potholes.”

She added: “We are working to repair any defects as quickly as possible.”