Council to remove seagull nests after attacks in North-east town

Work to remove seagull nests and eggs is set to begin, following reports of nuisance birds injuring people.

Pest controllers will visit Stonehaven tomorrow and Sunday to carry out nest and egg removal.

Jim Stephen, chairman of Stonehaven Town Partnership, said the egg removal was done in a humane way.

He added: “We support it and the reason for that is that there has been a number of reported attacks where people have actually been injured with gulls swooping down.

“People have been coming out of shops with food or just now the seagulls are laying eggs and they are very, very protective – just the slightest upset and they come swooping down.”

He added: “I think the majority of residents and shoppers down the town will benefit in the long run.”

Aberdeenshire Council arranged for the specialist licensed company to carry out the works after a series of complaints about nuisance gulls in the town from visitors, residents and community groups.

The pest controllers will also visit the town on June 3 and 4, and June 24 and 25, as the gulls can lay more eggs to replace those which have been removed.

As a result of the works, there will be parking restrictions on sections of Allardice Street, the Market Square, Barclay Street and Evan Street over the weekend.

The local authority already takes action at a range of its own properties to deal with the birds, including public buildings and schools, but this only has a limited effect in isolation.

The council undertook a similar project in Peterhead last year, removing nests and eggs from rooftops around the town centre, following on from other work being done to minimise gull nuisance.

Almost 500 eggs were removed from rooftops, reducing the number of attacks in the town.

The work is expected to continue this year.

Gulls generally begin mating in April and nest from early May onwards.