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More than £3 million owed to Aberdeen City Council will never be paid

A total of £3.2 million owed to Aberdeen City Council has been classed as “unrecoverable”.

The amount, which includes outstanding council tax, business rates and housing benefit overpayments, has been revealed in a new report.

Over the year 2017/18, there were 17,516 cases where money was deemed to be unrecoverable.

Council tax payments made up 14,926 of those cases, with a value of £1,452,825.

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The annual sum raised for council tax over the year was £158m.

Overpayments of housing benefit accounted for 2,269 of the cases, amounting to a total of £289,954.

The net amount in business rate write-offs is £1,483,651.

Reasons for debt being uncollectable could include death, bankruptcy or an unknown address.

Councillors are due to discuss the report on Tuesday at a meeting of the city growth and resources committee.